level-up with our demand generation workshops

Shipley offers a range of training that can be run in-house. The courses are designed to focus on the individual elements of the complete business winning lifecycle.


Solution Selling® is a client-focused sales process in which the selling activities involve direct contact with prospective buyers. It helps sales people identify a prospective buyer’s business problem within an opportunity and leads the buyer to see how they can solve the problem utilising the salesperson’s capabilities, and the value of doing so.


This workshop will teach participants the fundamentals of generating and delivering a story in business settings – especially in sales and client presentations. The workshop is offered in a classroom setting for about 8-12 participants. The training is interactive, with many exercises to introduce the concept and practice of storytelling.


Executive-Level Selling is a methodology designed to help sales professionals gain access to high-ranking decision makers, and develop lasting trust and credibility with them. For almost any significant sales opportunity, sellers must be able to gain access to decision-makers with high authority and influence in a buying organisation.


Organisations have had unpleasant experiences with Account Managers where they have come away feeling taken advantage of, manipulated or coerced into doing something they really didn’t want to do. This workshop will help Account Managers to find new opportunities, while protecting accounts against competitive encroachment.

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