Learn skills to engage with clients collaboratively

The intent of Collaborative Selling is to help sellers identify a
prospective buyer’s business problem within an opportunity
and lead the buyer to self-conclusion of how they can solve the problem utilizing the salesperson’s capabilities and the value of doing so – thus leading to a “solution”.

Collaborative Selling is a collection of methods that includes tools, job aids, techniques, and procedures that help salespeople and bid team members align their selling activities to the steps of a buyer/buying organization’s process.


  • Recognise the psychological aspects and phases of how buyers buy
  • Recognise the difference between “latent” and “active” opportunities, how each type should be approached from the sellers perspective.
  • Conduct research prior to engaging in opportunities
  • Stimulate interest in accounts leading to more opportunities
  • Create buying visions based on your strength
  • Improve your changes of winning competitive opportunities
  • Collaborate steps leading to a closure of a sell cycle

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