focus on the complete business winning lifecycle

Shipley offers a range of training that can be run in-house. The courses are designed to focus on the individual elements of the complete business winning lifecycle.


Collaborative Sales Negotiations (CSN) is a methodology for planning and executing sales negotiations to reach mutually beneficial agreements between buyers and sellers. This methodology introduces advanced negotiating methods and skills for application to high-value sales opportunities.


Effective Presentations will teach participants the basic fundamentals of preparing for and delivering presentations. The workshop is offered in a classroom setting for 8-12 participants. Training is interactive, based on a model that includes no more than 20 percent lecture. The remaining 80 percent is based on interactive discussion.


Pricing to Win focuses on the development and exploitation of competitive intelligence and analysis of relative positions of competitors. This is not a cost-estimating workshop. Instead, it emphasises understanding customers’ price/capability trade-offs, Assessing the competitors’ positions, etc. Download the course content for more info.

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