Shipley’s first passion is understanding what it takes to win business. Our second is passing on what we know so you can win business for yourself.

So knowledge transfer and skills improvement are fundamental to our DNA; one might say that we’re continually trying to do ourselves out of a job. Our processes are completely transparent, and codified into a series of workshops and manuals that cover every aspect of the bid process.

And since our learning and development is based on 60 off-the-shelf modules, we can mix and match programmes to suit your specific needs. Indeed, our core “Writing Winning Proposals” workshop has now been adapted to over 100 bespoke versions suited to different sectors and cultures.

With Shipley, you benefit from a training approach that has been developed by hands-on experience of winning countless bids. An approach that’s constantly refreshed by feedback from 400 consultants worldwide and an extensive network of specialists.

Shipley trains people across the complete business winning lifecycle, from Capture to Proposal. And Shipley training focuses on transferring best practice and a winning philosophy, not just a series of academic training modules that tick boxes.



Shipley believes in measuring its impact on its client’s organisations. We know that even the best training can be forgotten and not implemented by training participants.

We have developed and delivered a number of competence assessment and development programmes for our clients; many of which include certification. We develop certification programmes to the same international standards as are used by professional organisations globally.

Shipley was instrumental in setting up the only, globally available, professional certification programme for bid and proposal managers, run by the APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals). Today, Shipley remains an Approved Training Organisation for the APMP, offering Foundation Level training and certification.