Launch ROSE

an executive summary builder

The ROSE draft Executive Summary Builder stimulates and streamlines the development process.  It provides a template and through a series of questions, helps the writer produce acustomer-focused draft Executive Summary.​ 

Watch the videos below to find out more about what the ROSE draft Executive Summary Builder can do for you.

rose esb for bid managers

An early draft of the Executive Summary informs the bid development process. When produced early enough, the draft Executive Summary can be used to brief the bid team about our winning strategy.

rose esb for sales representatives

Using Rose helps you to produce the Draft Executive Summary. Staring at a blank screen is not going to produce the first draft for you. ROSE ESB will guide you through developing a draft document that focuses on the client.

rose esb for sales executives and managers

Seeing an early draft of the Executive Summary allows you to add value through reviewing it. The Executive Summary is often the most important part of the bid. It is the only part the decision makers will see. The more it is reviewed and improved, the better it is likely to be.