Talent selection

Today’s challenge is to bring objectivity and insight to the selection process to improve the probability of getting it right first time and hiring the best-fit business winning talent.

Shipley helps you to make effective selection decisions by providing insights into a candidate’s behavioural competencies that can be used to drive the structure and content of the selection interview.

Shipley uses Saville Wave, a leading psychometric tool developed by Saville Assessment, to help us to do this. Following the project lifecycle, the assessment is based on four behavioural clusters:

  • Thought (having ideas)
  • Influence (getting buy-in from others)
  • Adaptability (over-coming setbacks)
  • Delivery (closing out)
Team development

Although individuals will sometimes win bids by themselves, major bids are almost always won by teams who work and perform well together.

Keeping established, high-performing teams together between bids can prove difficult as their experience is usually needed elsewhere, and they can be an expensive resource. The challenge is how to bring new bid teams together and have them emulate the behaviours of established team within a few days; indeed it cannot afford to take longer than that because the bid itself may be due in a only a few weeks.

Shipley has a solution that will quickly raise awareness of each individual’s strengths and preferred work roles, allowing the diversity of talent within the team to rapidly gel and perform. This is achieved through a short (15 minute) psychometric assessment, followed by individual and group feedback and is performed by a consultant who is on the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU).

The Shipley approach is underpinned by Saville Wave, which is a Registered Test with the British Psychological Society.

Measuring individual competence

Today’s challenge is to bring constructive insight to the staff development process to promote self-awareness and to enable valuable career development actions to be agreed for the benefit both of the individual and the organisation.

Shipley helps you to nurture business winning talent by providing insights into an individual’s technical and behavioural competencies, against the requirements of both current and future business winning roles.

An individual’s technical business winning competencies are assessed, in about one hour, using Shipley’s online Training Needs Assessment (TNA) tool.

Shipley provides a range of individual competence assessment and development services tailored to an organisation’s specific needs. The competencies against which individuals are assessed are aligned with appropriate external standards, including those of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).

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Assessing bids, processes and plans against internationally recognised and published best practice standards.

Establishing bid document effectiveness

Based on research, 40+ years of client experience and the best practices documented within the Shipley Capture and Proposal Guides, Shipley has defined the seven attributes of an effective proposal from a customer’s perspective. Shipley is able to provide a report on the effectiveness of a bid document in the areas of its Compliance, Responsiveness, Strategic Focus, Competitive Focus, Quality of Writing, Visualisation and Document Design.

Using its BidBench tool, detailed reports are created which identify strengths, opportunities for improvement and proposal quality metrics – to allow improvements to be measured and trends analysed.

Benchmarking organisational processes

As the UK’s only Certified Appraiser / Approved Partner to the Business Development Institute, International (BDII), Shipley has the capability to benchmark your organisation’s business winning operations against the Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM), without going on to the certification stage. The result of the appraisal will be strengths and improvements report.

Because everyone has an opinion on what needs to be done to be successful in winning business, making progress can sometimes be difficult. It may be that you simply need to improve your proposals – this might be the obvious place to start, but also what happens before the customer asks for a proposal, how do you manage existing accounts and how do you create new business?

Based on published industry research and proven business winning best practice models, we will identify strengths and improvement recommendations in how you win business and also support you to implement those recommendations.

Assessing business winning related plans

Shipley has a family of tools designed to allow an experienced consultant to measure the effectiveness of various plans associated with business winning. We are able to assess individual plans, on a strictly confidential basis, and measure its effectiveness as a plan, including Account Plans, Capture Plans and Bid Plans.

Whatever your starting point, Shipley will help you to build on your strengths so that you can implement practical and sustainable improvements by comparing your approach with recognised best practice approaches.

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