We understand that if you are looking for support, you want to win. Sometimes, you want a person to do the bid for you and, at other times, you just need to augment your team. Our bid consultants are all experienced business winners; operating to consistent, repeatable, recognised best practice processes. We provide support as little or as much as you need.


We recognise that technology is becoming more important; to help people to become more effective and efficient. We are investing in services, supported by tools, designed to help people to be more productive in their business winning roles. Our ROSE family of tools include everything from templates and checklists to more sophisticated job aids.


We believe that any organisation can be helped to improve its business winning performance. For 45 years, we have studied organisations that have high conversion rates and have codified what they do. Our team of experts will work with you by sharing these globally recognised best practices to help you to win more business too.